The Carbon Game

Carbon Games

The whole idea of carbon sequestration is a bit of a game isn’t it? Governments play at trading credits with each other, they gently cajole (who said manipulate?) figures and statistics to meet targets. Then they have endless meetings where they agree to move any targets that they still can’t meet. Why are playing this game?

It’s like a lottery pool on the future of the planet. If we hit the jackpot, then yay, congratulations, the planet continues and we all survive. Yet still we get to be just as selfish as before.

If we lose, then who do we blame? The people who were in power at the time of virtually no progress with the endless game playing?

Sometimes it just feels like a lose-lose situation. The means, and the finances do actually exist to make a serious difference. What doesn’t exist is the motivation. Certainly not with enough people to force change through. A tiny minority are fantastically vocal, noticeable and effective for what they are. When you’re a sole voice shouting in a howling tornado it’s not easy to make any impact though. Particularly when all you see is blind bickering and trading over carbon credits!

It’s such a frustrating problem though. Playing the game means gambling with such massive stakes that any outsider would claim we’re all totally insane. There is no backup plan beyond hoping for the best. There is nothing left in the bank to pull out should the next hand go against us. We do not have a second earth in standby ready to move to in case we need it. Nor do we have the means to get there anyway.

All of which sounds like I’ve given up. I haven’t. I’m still a voice, as are you. We just have to keep chipping away, doing what’s right. Playing the crazy earth lottery. Let’s just hope we win before the odds have swung too far in the wrong direction. Good luck all.