The Office Pool

happy office pool

There’s a really good reason I like playing with the office lottery pool.

Well, actually there’s two reasons.

The first is that it costs me next to nothing. I ‘fund’ just the one ticket. But my efforts, combined with everybody elses, means we actually buy around 40 to 50 tickets a week (depending on who forgets to pay – no pay, no play!). Which, by the power of ‘not too difficult’ maths, means 40 to 50 times the chance of winning the lottery.

The other (admittedly quite big) reason, is that it’s practically zero effort for me. You can also play in a lottery syndicate online, so you don’t have to find an office pool for that zero effort pleasure!

So I don’t have to line up in a queue to buy a ticket. As I’m just a member of the pool and not the organiser that also means I don’t have to worry about all that other stuff too. Like managing money, entries, people… wow, way too much work if you ask me. But I’m glad someone is happy to do it – thanks Alex 🙂

Do not underestimate the amount of work avoided by letting someone else manage your pool. Chasing tiny amounts of money for entry costs is painful.

Now some of you may be quick to point out that yes it’s a better chance of winning, but winning what – you have to share don’t you!?

To which I say, yes. But that’s not exactly a problem. We play the UK EuroMillions mostly – but we really don’t mind sharing because this game regularly creates jackpots so big that even on the worst weekend we will not be unhappy sharing. Plus on most weekends we will all be multi-millionaires if we hit the jackpot. So not a problem 🙂

Now there is the small matter of the small prizes. We have to share those too. But as I see it, playing is all about the big prize anyway. Those little ones are just there to ‘subsidise’ our group play, and keep everyone motivated until we do win the big one. So I really don’t mind splitting those down too.

You can’t join our pool, for obvious reasons. But there are various EuroMillions syndicates online that you can join if you don’t want the hassle of running your own group (and I recommend you don’t take on the hassle – it is way more work than you’d imagine!).

Good luck everyone.