Life Is A Lottery

worldThat’s a pretty widespread quote, but I’m not sure who first coined it.

But life sure is a lottery – you really don’t know what the future is going to bring. The world has been changing at such a frantic pace for so long now we’re not even sure if the planet we live on will continue to keep up with us.

That doesn’t make us any more ‘special’ than the planet of course – it actually just makes us a fairly blinkered species. Head down charging into the future regardless of environmental consequences, or anything else for that matter.

Just like a lottery game, we might ultimately win the jackpot. Or at least win 2nd prize. It’s just that sometimes the odds of that seem fairly slim. Maybe we should ask the Lottery Guy for some help (you can find him on Facebook, or even Twitter here).

We’re counting carbon credits because it feels like something we can do. Which is of course far better and more positive than the nay-sayers who simply do nothing at all, yet still try to claim the moral high ground. It’s a strange old world.